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Subject: Exploring with Joe - 3This story is fiction. It involves sex between minors. If that offends
you, or if you are not 18 years of age or older, or if it is
illegal where you live to read such material, then you are to leave.The story is copywrited, all rights reserved by the author. It may not
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please use the name of the story as the subject of an email.You might also be interested in my other stories posted at Nifty:”Brian and Benny” and “Two Nights with Ronnie” are in the High School
section.”An Afternoon at the Airport” is in the Adult/Youth section.EXPLORING WITH JOE - 3When I woke up I felt a little groggy and things felt different. Then I
realized I was in Joe’s room, in his bed! Things still felt different,
and when Free Lolitas Bbs I looked down I saw why — he was sucking my dick. It made me
shiver all over.”So you’re awake, sleepyhead,” Joe grinned up at me. “I wondered if this
would wake you up.”"Yeah, Joe,” I giggled. “It’s lots better than my mom yelling in the
door.” I sighed as he rubbed my belly. But I told him I really needed
to pee, real bad.”I know what you mean, Bobby. I already did, but some mornings I have to
almost run to the bathroom I need to pee so bad.”"Hey, Joe. Can we take a shower again?”"We just took one Free Lolitas Bbs
last night,” he laughed. “You just want to play some
more, huh? Come on, let’s go.” And he turned to leave the room.I followed his naked butt out the door and into the Free Lolitas Bbs
hall. My little
stiffy was pointing right at him. I giggled. It was like my dick was
following him, and I was just following my dick!When I stood at the toilet, Joe reached over for me dick and said, “Here,
let me help you. I want to hold it while you pee.”"But I’m hard. I can’t pee when I’m hard.”He let go of my dick, and I closed my eyes a minute. When I felt my pee
starting, I opened them, and Joe put his hand around my dick.”Oh, Bobby — this is so cool,” he said. “I can feel your pee going
through it.”I put my arm around his waist and just stood there watching him hold me.
It felt really good. He even shook it for me when I was done.”Come on, Bobby,” he said. “Let’s hit the shower.” He kept holding my
dick and pulled me into that big shower stall with him. When the water
was warm, he used the soap to suds up my back, just like last night. It
felt so good, his hands rubbing all those suds around. Then he put his
hands on my butt, I mean ass, and rubbed it, too. I kind of leaned back
against his hands.When his hands were under my ass, he turned one hand sideways and slide
it up along my crack. And then he moved it up and down a little, but
pushed it into my crack. And then his fingers rubbed against my hole! I
jumped a little, but it felt nice.”It feels good to wash there, doesn’t it, Bobby?”"Oh, yeah, Joe — really good. Do it again.” It really felt good when
he did it slower.When he got done with my legs and feet, he turned me around and did my
front. I just held my arms out a little, like last night, and let him
wash me all over. He did it real slow when he got to my dick, rubbing
his hand all around my little balls. I almost started to get that
feeling when he stopped and handed me the soap.He turned around and let me do his back first. I just wanted to kiss his
brown shoulders. Why did I think of that? I got his back all covered
with suds and then moved down to his butt, his ass. I loved moving it
around with both hands, pushing it up and down. When I was holding both
sides of it, I decided I wanted to do that to him, in his crack. I
turned my hand sideways and got lots of soap on it, and then I moved it
up his crack. When I moved my hands down, a little deeper in, I could
feel my finger run over his hole.He jumped, like I had. I knew from the sound he made that he liked it,
so I did it again. It felt kind of wierd, washing where he poops, but I
knew it felt good, too. He put both his hands on the wall and leaned in
a little, so when I stroked him there again I pushed a little harder.
But not too hard. I heard him moan a little, and that made me feel good
because it meant I had done it right. I did his legs then. They felt so
strong from all that bike riding we do all the time.I turned him around and did his front. I covered his chest with so many
bubbles I could hardly see any skin! He grinned at me when I drew a
smiley face in it. Free Lolitas Bbs His nipples were the eyes. And when I got down to
his dick and balls, he spread his legs a little bit for me. I could
barely see his few hairs at the base of his dick with all the suds, and I
was real careful to rub gently all over his balls. He sighed real big
and pulled me up and held me against him.We just rubbed ourselves together again, and it felt so warm and smooth.
Our dicks were pressed up against our bellies — they were surrounded by
us, just us and the suds all around them. When he started moving a
little faster I think he was getting ready to shoot his cum.”Wait a minute, Joe. Let me see it. I want to watch it when you make
your cum shoot out, okay?”He grinned and and stepped back a little. I made sure there was lots of
bubbles on my hand and I began to rub him, just like he showed me. The
bubbles were warm, but his dick was hot! How can a dick be so hard in
the middle and the skin still be so soft? He started pushing his dick
into my hand more, and I turned it so he would shoot against the shower
wall.Before I realized he was ready, his dick jerked real hard in my hand, and
a big long stream of cum shot out of it and hit the wall. He grunted and
moaned. I kept stroking, like he told me, and he shot some more, and
then there was more after that! It landed on the wall and started to
slowly run down. He shot a little more, but then the last of it dripped
onto the floor of the shower.It looked a little different that it had last night. The shower walls
are black tiles, and his cum was more clear than I thought; I could see
some of the black through it. I put my finger up to some and tasted it,
and it tased a little different, too. But maybe that was because of the
wall, I don’t know.He had been breathing pretty hard when I made him cum, but then he said,
“Now, I want to watch you with your dry cum, Bobby. I’ll make it feel
real good, I promise.” I knew he would. He always did.His hand felt soft and warm on my dick. It was so little it almost
disappeared in his hand, and he was rubbing the head, too. Oh, I liked
that! I started pushing into his hand, like he had pushed into mine.
And then I felt it, that hot, twisty feeling inside, and I knew it wasn’t
because I needed to pee. I put my hand on his shoulder to hold myself
up, because I was starting to shake a little.”Oh…Jooooe…” The feeling got bigger and bigger inside me, like I was
a balloon ready to bust open. “Oh, Joe…it’s…you’re making me do
it…” And my dick jumped inside his hand, and I felt it all over my
body. It felt so big, so big, so big… “Ah…..oooooo.” It was like a
big hurt that felt so so good!When it was over I had to lean on him to keep from falling down. He just
held me for a little bit. I could hear his heart beat as I held my head
against his chest.”That was a big one, huh?”I couldn’t even answer him.In a little bit we rinsed off, and I rinsed his cum off the shower wall,
too. He dried me when Free Lolitas Bbs we got out and rubbed me all over, even a little
in my crack and around my balls. And I dried him. The white towel made
his tan look really dark. And we got dressed and went down for some
cereal. This had been the very best night of my whole life.We didn’t ride as much then for a while, because the days were getting
hotter. Sometimes we’d ride out to our special place in the woods next
to the little park, and it would be a little cooler there. We’d just sit
against the old tree trunk and talk about stuff. And we’d always pee
before we left. We’d hold each other’s dicks to do it, too.But we went to the library in the mornings, too, while it was cool.
Sometimes in the afternoons we’d ride over to the mall and just look
around for a while.We spent more time at my house in the afternoons. Sometimes we’d play
something, but mostly we’d read. He would bring his library books over,
and sometimes we wouldn’t even talk for while. Then we’d tell each other
about what we read, and sometimes we’d trade books before we had to take
them back. We made a lot of trips to the library — Joe read as much as
I did.One day I finished reading a science fiction book, and I started to tell
him about it. Then I decided I would kind of act it out, and I did
different voices for all the people. We started giggling, and he made me
laugh so hard I had to sit on the floor. Mom came in to see what was
going on. Joe got a real serious face and said, “Your son just got taken
over by the aliens,” and we started laughing again. She just grinned at
us, shook her head, and left.She said one day I should invite him to spend the night here, since I
had spent several nights at his house. But I knew mom would keep
checking on us, and we wouldn’t be able to do anything. So I said,
“There’s more Free Lolitas Bbs
room at his place, mom. I’ve just got a single bed, and
he’s got a double bed.” I couldn’t believe I’d said that! I turned red
and glanced at mom, but she acted like it hadn’t sounded as bad as I
thought.One Saturday I couldn’t go riding because I had to do some weeding in
mom’s flower beds out back, and when I called him to tell him, he said
he’d be over and help. That was cool.I told him what some of the flowers were — I’d listened to mom explain
it often enough — and showed him what were weeds and what weren’t. It
was pretty hot in the sun, so we took our shirts off. His back was so
tan! And he was sweating a lot; the sweat was running down his chest and
back. That’s kind of wierd, liking to watch a guy sweat!Mom had brought some lemonade out to the patio, and we drank it off and
on. After while, Joe said he had to pee and turned to go into the house.”No, Joe,” I said. “We don’t have to go in there. Follow me.”We went around behind the garage where the garbage cans are. There is a
big hedge between our yard and the yard next door, and a tall wooden
fence between our yard and the alley, with a gate to take the trash cans
out. In that little corner, nobody could see, from our house or anywhere
else.”We can go here, Joe.”"You’ve done this before, haven’t you, Bobby?”"Sure, all the time.” And I opened my pants up. But the way I like to
do it here is not just pull my dick out. I drop my pants and my briefs
both down to my knees and pee bareassed. Joe did the same thing, and we
peed into the hedge, making sure we held our dicks up so we wouldn’t hit
our clothes. Sometimes I did, anyway. We were just barely done when mom
called us.”Back here, mom. We were just carrying the weeds to the garbage cans.”
We had done that several times during the morning.Mom had brought some sandwiches and chips and sodas out to the patio for
lunch, and she sat down with us. We ate and talked a little, then mom
said, “Boys, I wonder if you would like to do something a little
different. Bobby, I know you were disappointed when we moved here
because there isn’t a pool here. I’m going over to Scottsboro to that
big new mall to do some shopping for fall. There’s a very nice pool over
there. I talked to a girlfriend who lives there, and she told me all
about it. Would you like to go with me?”"Wow, mom! That would be way cool! You mean both of us?”"Of course. I’m going to meet my friend to go shopping, and we’ll lunch
together. I could let you boys off at the pool. She said there was a
nice little food counter at the pool, so you could eat there. Then I
could pick you Free Lolitas Bbs up later in the afternoon. Does that sound like a plan?”"Oh, yeah, great! Joe, you swim, don’t you?”"Sure, Bobby. I spent a lot of time at the Y back before we moved.”Mom said she’d call Joe’s mother, and by the time we finished with the
weeds, it was all arranged. We’d go the next day.I wanted to get a new swim suit, but mom said the one I had would do
fine. It was a little too small, because it kind of squeezed me around
the ass, but it would have to do.We left the next morning, and she let us out at the pool. She gave us
money to get in and enough for lunch, too. Then she gave us a little
talk about being safe and all. She embarrassed me by telling me to stay
right with Joe, like I was a little kid. He may be 12, but I will be,
too, right before Thanksgiving.We paid to get in and went to our lockers. There wasn’t anybody around
while we were changing, so we were kind of goofing off. Free Lolitas Bbs He slapped me on
the butt when we were in our suits — Joe’s was light blue with a dark
blue stripe down the side, and it looked nice with Free Lolitas Bbs his tan — and raced
out. I ran out after him, and the first thing we heard was, “No running,
boys!”I looked up at the lifeguard, and I couldn’t help but just stare for
a minute. He looked like something out of a magazine — big and muscles
and tan and blond. And he was wearing a little red, tight suit — I
thought I could even see the outline of his dick. He would have a huge
one!I jumped in after Joe, and we swam around for a while. We had a race
down the long side of the pool, and he won. He was really good. We
rested with our arms holding onto the side of the pool.”Hey, Bobby, check out that lifeguard.”"Already did. Bet he’s got a really big one!”"Probably big enough for both Free Lolitas Bbs of us to suck on at the same time!” Joe
laughed. And he reached over under the water at my dick, but I swatted
his hand away.After we swam around some more, we got out to lay on the big towels we’d
brought with us. We both lay on our Free Lolitas Bbs backs for a while. I looked over at
his chest, moving up and down a little with his breath, and his legs. I
realized I was so proud to be the friend of a really beautiful guy like
Joe. I looked around at all the people in the water and around the
sides, and I thought…Those people look at him, and then they look at
me, and they think, That little kid is sure lucky to have such a
good-looking friend. And they’re right. I am.We decided it was time to eat, so we got in the pool just long enough
to get wet, and then we went over to the little lunch counter. It was
cool that we didn’t have to dress or even put shoes on to go in there.
We each got two hot dogs and a soda, and we went over to the
fenced-off place where there were tables to eat.When we were about done, Joe said, “I just remembered something from the
Y. We’ll have to wait an hour before we get back into the pool.”"Yeah, I know,” I said. “Cramps. But don’t worry. If you start to
drown, I’ll save your ass.”A lady at the table next to us turned around and said, “Young man, you
should not use language like that in a place like this!”I know I turned beet red! We grabbed our things from lunch, dropped them
in the trash, and got out of there quick! When we spread our towels out
again, Joe laughed and said, “You almost got your ass in trouble!”"It’s your fault,” I giggled. “You’re the one who got me saying all
those bad words.” Then, for good measure, “Fuck you!”"Asshole.”"Dickhead.”"Cock.”"Suck.”"Balls.”"Cum.”"Pee.”"Precum.” I kind of liked that one.”Jack off.”"Fuck.”"Ha! You already said that! I win,” he said”But I was going to say ‘Shit’ next time!”"Too late,” he laughed. “Save your ‘Shit’ for another time!” And we both
laughed so hard I thought I was going to get the cramps anyway.But Joe sat up suddenly. “Oh, damn! We forgot the sunlotion. We’ll
burn like toast!” He looked through the little bag we had and pulled the
tube of lotion out. “Well, maybe not. We’re both pretty tan by now,
anyway. Better use it, though.”He handed it to me, and I got to do him first. He lay on his belly so I
could do his back first. He was so warm from the sun! And I could feel
all his muscles as I rubbed him. I rubbed a little longer Free Lolitas Bbs on his
shoulders and in that little place on the back, right at the top of his
trunks. Then I did his legs. I got to feel his thighs again, so strong
from our biking. And Free Lolitas Bbs
I smoothed up to just Free Lolitas Bbs the bottom of his trunks and
stopped there.He rolled over, and I saw he had a hardon. He grinnned when he saw me
looking at it and pointed to my crotch. I didn’t need to look. I knew I
was hard, too! I could feel my dick pushing against my trunks.”Shut up. I’m working here, ” I said.I squirted some lotion on his chest first and went round and round all
over it. I could feel his hard nipples under my hands. I went slower on
his belly, but I stopped right at the waistband of his trunks. Then I
squirted more on his thighs. I loved feeling his strong muscles and
watching my hand move over his smooth skin. I was real careful, but I
went just a little bit under the legs of his trunks, but not very much.He sat up and took the lotion. “Okay, Bobby. Your turn.” Then he
giggled, “I mean, my turn, sexy.”That gave me goosebumps all over! He called me sexy! I lay down on my
belly and closed me eyes. His hands went real slow over my shoulders,
sometimes pushing against my skin and sometimes real lightly. He went up
and down my back, and then back and forth across it.”You’re really tan, dude,” I heard him say quietly.When he got to the top of my trunks, he got his fingers just a little
under them, and I could feel my ass Free Lolitas Bbs
wiggle as he rubbed. My dick was
really hard, and it kind of hurt a little, pressing into the concrete
under me. When he finished with my legs, he told me to turn over.”Uh…I don’t think…maybe I better not,” I said. “I’ve got a hardon,”
I whispered.”Your trunks will hold it down, don’t worry. Turn over.” And his hands
rolled me over, so I didn’t have a choice.”Yeah, you are hard,” he grinned. “Something is poking around in
there.” And he brushed my crotch real lightly.”Oh!” I jumped. “No, don’t do that, Joe.”"Okay, Bobby. But I have to put on the lotion.”And he started on my neck, rubbing real gently out to my shoulders. I
closed my eyes Free Lolitas Bbs as he rubbed it all over my chest. There isn’t much to my
chest, but he spent a lot of time rubbing. He flicked a finger over one
of my nipples, and I sucked in a breath through my teeth. Then he moved
down to my belly, doing it real slow. My dick was so hard now I could
feel it pushing in and out against my trunks. The head of my dick was
rubbing on that lining, and I could feel every move.He moved down to my ankles and up to my thighs, one leg at a time. I
started to shake a little.”You’re about to do it, aren’t you?” he whispered.All I could do was hiss out the words between my teeth. “Stop, Joe. I
can’t…do it here.”"Damn, you are sexy! Look, just lay there. Free Lolitas Bbs
If it happens, just let it
happen. Just don’t make a sound. Let it happen, Free Lolitas Bbs but keep it quiet, and
nobody will know a thing.”His hands felt so good on my thighs! Free Lolitas Bbs Oh, god, it felt so good. I looked
up at him and closed my eyes again. When he started rubbing my thigh
again, he slowly moved his hand up inside one leg a little. Then he did
the other one. Then he did both at the same time. I was breathing real
fast. I don’t think my dick had ever been so hard!He put his hands on my belly again and rubbed lightly, moving his fingers
just a little under the waistband. I pushed my hands into the hard
concrete under the towel to try not to make a sound. He was moving his
fingers farther down each time he went in. If he touched me down
there… The feeling was starting to grow… I took my lower lip
between my teeth to keep from making a noise…He pulled his hands back and moved them down the sides of my trunks,
moving lower to get to my thighs again. But he moved my trunks just
enough that my trunks rubbed against my dick, and I couldn’t hold back
any longer. It just happened. I pressed my head back against the
concrete so hard it hurt, but I hardly noticed. My thighs quivered! My
belly heaved like I was going to push my whole insides out through my
dick! My dick felt huge, like it was jumping off my body! Oh my god…It was a while before I could get Free Lolitas Bbs my breath back and open my eyes. I
looked at Joe kneeling beside Free Lolitas Bbs me. His eyes were wide.”You did it. You did it,” he whispered. “Fuck, that was so cool,
Bobby. That was about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”I had to clear my throat before I could say anything at all. “Joe.” I
sounded like I was somewhere far away. I cleared my throat again.
“Wow.” That was all I could say.I think maybe I even fell Free Lolitas Bbs asleep for a little bit, but I’m not sure.
When I opened my eyes again, Joe was still kneeling over me with that
real nice smile on his face. He let me wake up just a little before he
said anything.”You’re not the only one who liked that,” he whispered. “Just turn your
head real slow, and look over there — on the other side of the fence.
That man, see? I think he’s been watching us.”I looked over, and, sure enough, there was a man sitting there looking at
us. When he saw me look at him, he smiled.”Oh, shit, Joe…” I sat up quickly, and I felt a little lightheaded.
“He saw us, Joe…”"Don’t worry, Bobby. He’s not going to do anything about it. He’s
probably going to go home and jack off.”And the man got up, walked over to the parking lot, got in his car, and
drove off! We laughed.The hour to wait was over, and we got back into the pool. We just swam
around and splashed around for a while, and we tossed a big beach ball
around with some little kids. They we lay out in the sun a little more,
then got back into the water. It wasn’t long before we had to get out
and meet mom out front.There wasn’t anyone around the lockers when we went in, so we stripped
naked. Then I realized the water was running in the showers, and I heard
voices. When I followed Joe, my dick was hard again. Just seeing him
naked and watching his ass move in front of me, that’s all it took.We got in the shower to find a couple of little boys and their dad
getting all soaped up. The man was turned away from us, but the boys –
they must have been maybe six or seven — stared at our hard dicks. We
stood under the water turned toward them so they could look all they
wanted to, and we didn’t turn around until their dad turned back and told
them it was time to get out. He walked away, so I didn’t get to see the
dad’s cock. Joe and I grinned at each other when the little boys
couldn’t keep their eyes off our dicks as they moved past us.We got out and dried off, packed everything in our bag, and turned the
locker keys in. There was just enough time to finish a couple of sodas
before mom drove up. We thanked her and told her we had a great time.
And we both fell asleep on the way home.Joe stayed to have supper with us, and afterwards we went to my room.
When he sat down on the edge of the bed I could see he looked a little
sad about something.”What is it, Joe? Are you okay?” I asked.”I just didn’t want to say anything before, didn’t want to ruin the day.
But I’ve got to tell you something.”I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach, like you get when you know
you’re going to hear something you don’t want to hear.”I just found out about it last night, Bobby. I forgot until then; I
just forgot. See, the first week of August is when my mom gets her
vacation. And we always go out to see my Grams, her mom, in New Jersey.
It’s about the only time we get to see her, and mom says…well, she’s
been kind of sick for a while. I haven’t seen her since last year. I
have to go, Bobby. I don’t have a choice. I have to go with her.”"You mean…a week? You’ll be gone a week? But, Joe…when you get back
it won’t even be a whole week before school starts, and the summer’s
almost over, and a week…”"I have to go, Bobby. I wish I didn’t, but I have to go.”When I sat down beside him, he put his arm around my shoulder, but I
barely felt it. A week. I was being selfish even thinking it, but I
was. A whole week? I put my head on against his shoulder, but I wasn’t
going to be a crybaby Free Lolitas Bbs about it.We just sat there for a little bit, then Joe said, “It’s not like I won’t
be coming back, Bobby. He started rubbing my back. “I’m going to miss
you. A lot.” He hugged me. I turned into him, and he put both arms
around me. Free Lolitas Bbs
We hugged each other hard. I pulled away when I suddenly
realized something.”The first week…When are you Free Lolitas Bbs
leaving?”"Early Saturday morning,” he said.”This Saturday?” It was already Wednesday! “Joe…”"Look, Bobby. I already asked mom. She said you can come and stay over
tomorrow night. We have to pack on Friday, and I have to go to bed
early. But you can come over tomorrow. Can you?”We went out and asked mom right then. She said it was okay. She said
she knew we’d miss each other. And then Joe’s mom was at the door to
take him home. Our moms talked a little, but Joe and I just stood
there.When they left, I went to bed. I told mom I was just still real tired
from the pool. But I just didn’t want to stay up anymore. A whole week.I could hardly wait for the next night to get here. We just rode our
bikes around for about an hour in the morning, because Joe said his mom
gave him lots of things to do to get ready for their trip. I went over
there for supper. His mom is a really good cook. And after supper, she
said she would do the dishes and we could go upstairs.When we got to Joe’s room, he put a DVD on. It was some cartoon, but I
thought it was kind of dumb. We just lay there on his bed watching it
for a while. But there was a line that made me laugh a little. Joe
grinned when he looked over at me and said, “Yeah, this is supposed to be
funny, isn’t it?”So we laughed a little at some of the silly stuff, and then he reached
over and tickled me on my belly. He knows I’m really ticklish there, and
I pushed away and then attacked to do my own tickling. We wound up
giggling and rolling all over his bed until I could hardly breathe
anymore.”Okay, okay, okay…I give! Time”"Yeah,” he laughed, “time for some cokes.”He brought the cokes up and told me his mom was going to bed early and
asked us to keep a little quiet. We started the DVD again and started
laughing, but we kept it down. He started rubbing my back. After it was
over, Joe sat up and turned to me. He pulled his T-shirt off, then he
reached over and pulled mine off, too. We stood close, hugging each
other, and he stroked my back very slowly, up and down. His hands just
feel so wonderful.”Time for a shower, Bobby. Let’s strip, sexy boy.”I was out of the rest of my clothes real fast! My dick was hard when we
stood naked looking at each other, and he reached over and flipped mine
down so it bobbed around a little. He giggled, and ran into the
bathroom.”Pee first,” he reminded me. And I really needed to go after the cokes
and all the laughing. We stood at the toilet holding each other’s dick,
our arms around each other’s waist, making the pee streams hit each
other. He didn’t take his hand off my dick after he shook it; he just
pulled me with him into the shower.The water was warm, just like always. And the suds were bubbly, just
like always. He washed me first, and when he did my back he ran his hand
up inside my crack again. That made me feel good all over. When I
jacked off at home now, I touched my hole sometimes. I hadn’t told Joe
that. But I thought maybe he did it, too. He turned me around and
washed my front. He was real slow on my dick. I got so weak from the
good feeling I had to put my hands on his shoulders to keep standing.When it was my turn to wash him, he turned his back to me, and I had the
same thought again. I wanted to kiss his shoulders. I washed them
slowly, then all of his strong, tanned back, then his wiggly ass. And I
moved my hand inside his crack to slide my fingers along his hole. I
could hear the sound he made over the running water, and I was glad I’d
made him feel so good. And when I washed his front, I spent a little
time playing with his nipples, then rubbing the bubbles slowly around his
balls. I saved the best part of him for last — his dick. I got down on
my knees and watch realy closely as I washed it slowly.We dried each other off, Free Lolitas Bbs
and I dried his few hairs at the base of his
dick carefully, pulling them out just a little so they would stand out
from his belly. His dick is so…beautiful. Can a dick be beautiful?
Maybe some people think it can’t, but his is.”Joe, when am I going to get bigger? Like you? I’m only 3 and a half.
When will I get some hair?”"Like I told you, Bobby, it’s different for everybody, I think. But I
started getting my hair right Free Lolitas Bbs after I was 12, last spring, and my dick
started to get a little longer, too. I think maybe that will happen for
you, too, and it won’t be long.”"Thanksgiving. That’s a while yet,” I said. “And I’m so skinny, not
like you.”"Come on,” he said, and we went back Free Lolitas Bbs into his bedroom. He stood me in
front of the long mirror on the back of his closet door, and he stood
right next to me.”Look,” he said. “I don’t think you’re as little as you think you are.
And you’re not really skinny, you know. Look at what all that bike
riding has done.” And he ran his hand over my chest and belly. He
pulled my arm up and told me to make a muscle. I giggled but did it
anyway. Well, maybe there was something there.”And you’re really tan,” he said. “That makes you look good, too. And
you know you’re cute.”I flushed, but I felt so…happy inside. He thought I was cute! He
smiled that special, nice smile I like and pulled me over onto the bed.
He lay on his back, but I stayed on my knees right beside him.”What is it, Bobby?”"I just want to look at you, okay, Joe? It’ll be a whole week…I just
want to look at you for a minute, okay?”He smiled, put his head back on the pillow, and closed his eyes. He’s
the one who is really cute. His face…with his dark hair and eyebrows
and those nice lips, he’s really handsome. I looked at his shoulders, so
brown now. And his chest. If the biking had helped me a little, it had
helped him a lot. I could see the muscles they call pecs, and it all
narrowed down to his waist…It was his nipples I really liked, too.
Dark. And now tight, with that little bump of flesh raised Free Lolitas Bbs
up in the
middle. The way his arm lay out against the bed — it sure had a muscle
there, the bicep.I pulled his legs apart a little and got on my knees between them. I
loved to look at his thighs. And to touch them, but for now I was just
looking. I couldn’t see those little hairs at the base of his dick,
because his dick was hard and lying back against his belly. I raised up
a little to look at it close. At the back of the head, there was that V
shape and that little string of skin. I know he liked to be touched and
licked there. His balls looked so smooth.I moved again and pulled on his side to get him to turn onto his belly.
I wanted to look at his back, too. The shoulders. His back was so tan.
But my eyes went down to his butt, his ass. I pulled his legs apart
again and got between them. His ass was almost like balloons, round and
round and round…His skin looked a little darker when it went into his
crack. There was one part of him I hadn’t seen yet. In fact, I hadn’t
seen it at all, ever.I leaned forward and pulled his asscheeks a little apart. I heard him
suck his breath in when I touched him. I opened his cheeks a little
more. And there was his hole. It was darker than his other skin, but
somehow kind Free Lolitas Bbs of pink, too. It was all wrinkly — I had felt that with my
finger. And the hole was so little…I leaned in even closer, then realized there might be a smell. But
there’s wasn’t. I mean, the smell was nice and clean and warm and like
the bubbles in the shower and…maybe something else. Something nice. I
took my finger and very gently touched his hole. He moaned loudly, and I
knew that pleased him. I touched him there again, and this time I rubbed
it a little, too. He moaned again, and his ass moved under my finger.I raised up on my knees and looked at all of him at the same time. Can
you say that a boy is beautiful? Joe is. Joe is beautiful.I just said the words out loud. “Joe, you’re beautiful.” I had wondered
if maybe Joe wouldn’t want me to think that word about him. But he
rolled over with that wonderful smile I like, raised his arms, and pulled
me to him. I lay my head on his chest, and he stroked my hair.My fingers played around the head of his cock, facing up to us from his
belly. Then I looked closer, and I could see a drop of his precum right
on the little hole. I looked at it for a minute, his cockhead…”It looks like little lips,” I said.”What does?”"Your cockhead. I mean, your hole, pee hole. Only it’s not for pee
only, cum too, and right now it’s got some of your precum. It’s
like…it’s like the lips want me to take it.”And I scooted my head down. I licked at his cockhead and got some of his
precum on my tongue. It tastes so good, so smooth. I licked again, and
his cock jumped Free Lolitas Bbs up and bumped my lips.”It wants me!” I giggled.”Yeah, it sure does, Bobby. Take it, Bobby.”So I leaned in a little farther and licked one more time, then I opened
my mouth a little and sucked his cockhead in. Oh, it feels so good when
I first suck it in. It’s a warm thing, a slippery thing. It’s a live
thing — I can feel it moving in my mouth. Joe began his soft moaning,
what I always like to hear when I first start to suck him. I sucked just
the head, though, and I remembered to run my tongue all around it. It’s
so smooth! And his precum makes it so slick. And my tongue feels that V
place, and the little string of skin.I moved closer into him so I could suck more of his cock in, and I raised
up a little so I could put a hand down to play with his balls. His balls
are as smooth as his cockhead. I pushed at his cock, and more of it went
into my mouth.Joe reached for my leg and pulled it over to his other side. I realized
what he was doing and helped him get it where he wanted it. I wound up
with my knees on each side of his chest and my face closer to his balls,
kind of kneeling over him. He reached up for Free Lolitas Bbs my dick, and we sucked each
other in at the same time. Oh, my god, it feels so good to suck him
while he’s sucking me. My little dick was dangling into his face, and he
could work his head up and down on it, or move his head just a little and
lick my balls.I worked on his balls, too. I loved the taste of them. That sounds
wierd, but they do taste. And the skin is so smooth. When I lick it,
the balls moved around as my tongue moves. Free Lolitas Bbs I opened my mouth a little
wider, and I very carefully let one of his balls inside. He moaned
around my balls when Free Lolitas Bbs I did that, and my cock jerked. I sucked just
barely on his balls, because I didn’t want to hurt him. But I knew he
liked that.I had to open my mouth to gasp loudly when I felt him take both my balls
into his mouth. Oh, my god, he had both my balls and my dick…He had
all of me in there…so warm…wet…I licked at the top of his ballsac, right against the base of his cock.
He grunted while he continued to suck me. I sucked the bottomside of his
shaft all the way to the head, and then I sucked his head and a lot of
his cock inside me. This is the cock I look at in the shower, the one I
hold in my hand when he pees… This is the cock of the most beautiful
boy I’ve ever known…This is the cock of my very best friend, and he
loves it when I do this for him…Then, while he was still sucking my dick and balls, I felt his fingers
run over my ass and up and down my crack. He ran his fingers over my
hole once. I started fluttering somewhere inside, and I had to start
sucking faster, I just had to. I could taste him, I could smell him, I
was eating him…oh, fuck, it feels so…I was sucking faster and faster. When he touched my hole again, then
rubbed it, I practically pulled his cock off as my insides just blew
apart…just got so big they wouldn’t stay in me…just…oh, fuck…All of a sudden I heard Joe moan loudly around my dick. He pushed up at
my mouth, and I was filled with hot, tangy cream…his cum…I sucked…I
bucked my hips as he sucked…oh, fuck…swallow…filled again…feel
like I’m exploding…have to swallow…my dick throbbing in his
mouth…swallow…my dick throbbing so much…oh my god oh my god…oh
Joe…….Somehow I Free Lolitas Bbs didn’t hit his balls when my head finally dropped against his
thigh. I was dizzy. Was I breathing? I could still taste him in my
mouth, so I knew it had been real…I felt his face against me, my legs splayed on either side of his head.
Loud breathing…I don’t know if it was me or him. We lay still for a
while…just impossible to move. His balls against my cheek, his still
wet cockhead near my lips. His face must be practically buried in my ass.Finally, I slowly and carefully rolled off of him. I crawled up to the
pillow, and he opened his arm so I could lay down next to him with my
head on his chest. Heart beating. Warm.We didn’t say anything for the longest time. I began to think maybe it
was time to fall asleep.”Bobby…Bobby, can we be boyfriends?”Boyfriends? My Joe, my best friend? Could boys have boyfriends? Boys
had girlfriends. But I didn’t want a girlfriend. I wanted him, Joe.
All I wanted was Joe.”I want to be your boyfriend, Joe.” I whispered, because I could barely
say the words.Then I had to ask him. “Joe, do boyfriends kiss?”"I think so.”I turned my face up to him and kissed him on the cheek. It Free Lolitas Bbs was soft…it
was Joe.He turned his face Free Lolitas Bbs
to me, and this time we kissed each other on the
lips. Joe… His lips were so warm. So soft. We kept our lips pressed
lightly, then we moved them a little, side to side. So soft. I was
kissing my boyfriend…I lay my head back on his chest. I had never felt anything like this.
My beautiful Joe, my best friend, my boyfriend. Somehow I knew something
was different for me, Free Lolitas Bbs something was very different. Can a boy love
another boy? I know I love him. Yes, I love Joe… Could I say that?
Would he want to hear that?I felt him bury his face in my hair. Was he kissing me there?”Bobby…I love you.”———————–I would be very happy to hear how you feel about the story.
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